Using a set of key culture attributes, an organization can conduct a survey to identify the main behaviors that characterize its culture—the dominant one, as well as any subcultures that may exist within the organization. The resulting picture will allow the organization to portray its existing culture and compare it with the one it wants. By identifying concrete behaviors, organizations can clarify whether current behaviors match those that the strategy requires.
— Jim Hemerling and Julie Kilmann, The Boston Consulting Group

Qulture.Geist is your company's first step into the world of high-performance human resources. It's a survey that's gauges the whole company's level of motivation, happiness, alignment, and should be taken periodically, tracked, and measure, to direct strategic - and HR - initiatives.

Q.Geist(engineers) is our survey solution for software engineering teams. For many companies, software engineers are the heart and soul of the organization, and have very specific needs and quirks, that are precisely gauged by our engineer solution. 


Q.Geist(managers) is our survey focused on how managers are doing. If you'd love to do a 360-degree review throughout your company, but feel you haven't got the manpower to do it yet, this is a great first step solution!