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Set, track, and empower aligned goal-setting throughout the organization.



Give and ask constructive feedback from peers, leaders and team-members, and foster a collaborative coaching culture.

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Our fully customizable performance review platform allows for you to review your team members' goals, competencies and other criteria. You can:

  • Organize up to 360-degree reviews
  • Allow reviewees to pick their reviewers (and managers to validate picks)
  • Have different questions be asked to different sets of reviewer-reviewee pairs

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How much?

Our price depends on the number of employees you have. Drop us a line, and we'll get you a custom quote right away.

How do we learn how to use it?

Every customer gets a dedicated account manager. We pride ourselves in helping our customers with the most comprehensive, hands-on training and support in the industry. You'll be taken great care of.

How secure is my data?

Very secure. Our infrastructure is provided by Heroku, a world-class cloud platform that offers complete protection from all kinds of threats by applying multi-layer security controls. Heroku's servers are housed by Amazon, and were accredited by some of world's highest standards, like ISO 27001, SOC, PCI, FISMA, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

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We have a great partnership with Qulture.Rocks. Their ebooks have helped us a lot in setting up our performance management practices, and the end product was easy to reflect on their platform. Their help and content made all the difference.
— Barbara Neder, HR Manager, Zoom
Google's Performance Management Practices

Google's performance management practices

Discover Google's stack of performance management practices, a source of practical benchmark and ideas for knowledge companies worldwide.

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