HR professionals of the world, unite!

A Manifesto to empower human-resources professionals worldwide.

HR Power | Human Resources Professionals of the World: Unite!

We are here today to start a movement. A movement for the power of HR. For the acknowledgement of our importance in the life and success of all companies. We’re here to state that HR is not strategic. HR is strategy.

Being the guardian of company culture is no small feat. Culture flows to sales. Culture flows to product. Engaged employees treat customers better, solve harder problems, and innovate more. We want us, HR professionals, to acknowledge ourselves as a key component of the organization. To give ourselves our deserved credit.

To puff our chests and hold our ground. 

Be amazingly proud of all the power that’s invested in your role. Fight to educate people on the power that your role must have within your organization. Here are some of the things we want, and some of the things we’ll fight for:


1. We want HR to be part of the C-Suite by default.

2. We want HR people to feel empowered, relevant, and, even better, critical to the success of the company. Because they are.

3. We want more well-rounded HR professionals, who know marketing, sales, operations, and finance. So that we see more and more HR leaders climbing up to the top spot.

4. We want startups in the tech space to hire HR leaders early on, so they can build a solid foundation, and not be called later to put out fires when the castle is crumbling.

5. We want freedom from finance and IT; we don’t want to ask for their permission; we wan’t runway to iterate, innovate, and constantly improve our best practices.

6. We want to be empowered to choose our own software, and to tinker with it as we see fit.

7. We want a BIG, FAT budget.


To those who don't already acknowledge the importance of HR, we say: never, ever, again, say “HR is too strategic to be left to HR.” (By the way, you call it whatever you want to: HR, People Operations, People & Management, or Mango. If you think changing how you call it will take some of the unproductive “personnel department" stigma out of your way, go for it. We’ll have your back.


HR Power!