Bring more agility to your daily life with the integrations that the Qulture.Rocks platform offers.

Receive Qulture.Rocks notifications through Slack

Is Slack where work happens in your organization? We provide integrations between the platform and Qulture.Rocks that allows your team to: Receive reminders to prepare for the next 1:1s; send feedback, align priorities with the leader and inform your leaders of the week's feelings.

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Sync your 1:1s with Google Calendar or Outlook

Make managing your 1:1s easier by integrating the Qulture.Rocks platform with Google Calendars or Outlook.

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Integrate people management systems with Qulture.Rocks

Does your company use software to record information about employees? With a few clicks, they can all be imported into the Qulture.Rocks platform.

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