Real-Time Feedback

No more waiting until the performance reviews are due. Drive feedbacks when they are most effective: in real-time.

Give and ask for feedback, to and from anyone

With our feedbacks all employees can send and request private, real-time feedback to and from anyone in the organization. Implement a culture of feedbacks in your business and help everyone know what they did well and what they should improve.

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Reinforce the right behaviors on-the-go

Tag your company's core values, behaviors, and functional competencies in each feedback and praise, and let your teams know what the right way to go is. Oh, and you can do it from your smartphone, on-the-go.

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Enjoy our feedback frameworks

Giving feedback is not always an easy task. Therefore, our tool has predefined feedback frameworks to help you go through that task.

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Send feedbacks straight from Slack

Our integration with Slack allows you to send feedbacks with ease: just use the shortcut /send_feedback and write your message, without having to access the platform.

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