Track the use of the Qulture.Rocks platform and your organization's results through various interactive dashboards.

Gain real-time insights

Get real-time insights about how your workforce is doing. Through Qulture.Rocks dashboards you can see how your employees are feeling and what are the main reasons that led you to mark that feeling.

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Measure your employees' performance

Follow the performance of each of your employees after a performance evaluation cycle. Dashboards on the Qulture.Rocks platform help you access, in one place, all the information you need on this topic to identify points for improvement and discover talent.

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Monitor 1: 1s progress between leaders and employees

Follow the frequency and adherence of 1: 1s between leaders and led or led and create action plans to encourage this practice within your organization.

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Know how your teams feel

Visualize, quickly and centrally, which teams feel good and which need immediate attention. Cross the heat map data between teams or nBox to identify which themes should be worked on in each team or group of collaborators.

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Track the sending of feedbacks in your organization

Find out how your teams and the organization as a whole are sending and receiving feedback. Through dashboards, identify the strengths and improvement of your teams in a practical and quick way.

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