OKRs and Goals

Translate your company's strategic priorities into goals and initiatives that everyone can understand and prioritize against

Promote your strategy across the company

With goals/OKRs, everyone can know what their contribution is to the strategy of the company. You get more alignment and more engagement. A win-win.

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Easily create and track goals

Follow the evolution of goals month by month, identify which ones are going off track and create action plans. Add evidence such as: data, files and comments. Closely monitor the evolution of expected results vs. results achieved by your organization.

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Create Goals and Key Results tailored to your needs

Our OKRs tool enables you to create custom goal formats (progressive, regressive, binary, etc.), as well as to assign weights to each Key Results and delegate them to specific teams and employees.

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Create your company's strategic map

Let them know the "why" behind the "what": Promote alignment and awareness around your strategy by letting everyone connect their goals and initiatives with team and company goals and initiatives.

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