Succession Process Management

Prepare your company to take a new step towards structured growth. Manage job titles and positions, suggest successors, calibrate decisions by box, make export and visualize information on the company’s job chart and on the succession map.

Manage Job Titles and Positions

How do you arrange the job titles and positions in your company? With the help of our product, you can manage active and filled positions in only a few clicks.

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Suggest Successors Through Performance Review

Performance review is a great tool to identify and suggest successors for job titles and positions that are crucial for the company. Using the Qulture.Rocks platform, you can establish the readiness level of each employee.

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Coming Soon! Determine Succession Plans More Accurately

Analyze the results of the performance evaluation in 9Box, indicate the level of readiness of each employee and nominate successors in a reasoned and structured way.

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Coming Soon! Be Ready to Handle Open Key Positions

Qulture.Rocks helps you focus on succession planning for critical positions so your business doesn't stop.

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