Performance Reviews

Replace spreadsheets, forms, and a manual mess with our Performance Reviews, and let Qulture.Rocks do the hard work for you, so you can focus on what matters: being strategic

All that's relevant on the same screen

Reviewers can access relevant information on their reviewees, such as feedbacks, praises, OKRs, development goals, and profile information side-by-side with your review. And don't worry: you can customize everything that shows up on the sidebar.

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Full employee reports at the click of a button

When the performance review cycle is over, our system automatically generates employee reports. Have all information you need to analyze their performance in one place.

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Flexibility as a principle, to fit your needs

Performance reviews let you express your company culture the way you want into fully customizable forms, audiences, and reports. From simple leader reviews to complex 360-degree feedback, all under your control.

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Your top performers at the click of a button

User our customizable box matrix to plot everyone in a visual format, so that you get a clear picture of your team members.

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Manage the review cycle with ease

Let employees suggest who they want to review them, and leaders decide what makes sense and what doesn't.

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