1:1 Meetings and Conversations

Leaders that do regular 1:1s with their direct reports build better, more engaged teams

Schedule 1:1s according to your needs

Choose the meeting cadence that best fits your needs and those of your direct reports, and change it when needed.

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Capture the gist of the conversation with quick notes

Take notes on the most important topics that were discussed, and have an x-ray of your employee's journeys with the company.

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Collaborate on topics and have better conversations

Set 1:1 topics through Qulture.Rocks or Slack, and help everybody be more prepared for more meaningful conversations.

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Set clear follow-up tasks that can be tracked in the future

Decide on clear follow-up tasks leaders and direct reports can act on to improve performance and engagement.

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Sync your Qulture.Rocks 1:1s to Google Calendars or Outlook

We know that day-to-day life in organizations can be very busy. So, to make the routine simpler, our 1:1s product allows integration with Google Calendars and Outlook, making it easier to manage your meetings.

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